At Revelation Martial Arts and Fitness our aim is to help every member become the best version of themselves. Being of service to those in our 
community is a privilege we don't take lightly and we strive to exceed expectations in the areas of customer service and quality of instruction.

Having first-hand knowledge of the empowering and positive effects martial arts training has in our lives, we want to share this way of life with as many people as possible. We believe we have to share it in order to keep it.

And what better way to adopt this lifestyle then in a friendly, fun and safe environment where all members are treated with respect, integrity and professionalism.

At Revelation Martial Arts and Fitness we offer something for everyone. And whether you are enrolled in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, Thai Boxing class, Ultimate HIIT Fitness class or one of our kids' programs, you will soon come to realize we are all part of one team. One family.