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Kids Programs

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The Little Ninjas program is a mixed martial arts program designed to introduce kids to martial arts in a fun and exciting way. This program will support them in developing their focus, encourage teamwork, and consistency. Here children will develop and improve awareness of both themselves and those around them. This all sets your child up for success in moving forward into one of our other programs such as the Tiny Tigers (ages 4-8), Samurai Kids (8-13) or Junior Muay Thai (7-12).

Little Ninjas

(Ages 3 through 8)


The Tiny Tigers Program provides consistency in each child’s developmental process. Through consistency in their training, they will properly develop the skills mentioned on this site and prepare them for the next program: The Samurai Kids (ages 8 through 13). The foundation set will enable them to successfully transfer to the next program with the proper abilities and mindset they need. Once they enter the Samurai Kids Program, you will notice that they enter a new stage of development, which is the next phase of their growing process.


(Ages 4 through 8)


Whether you are looking to increase your child's self-confidence, flexibility, co-ordination, focus, fitness or to begin their journey on achieving a black belt, than Revelation Martial Arts and Fitness will help get them there. We aim to provide the best training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with a special emphasis on safety and age-specific technique. At this stage of the child's training we place importance on developing self respect and character; to instill good habits, discipline and confidence, and to do so in an environment and atmosphere that are positive and fun.


(Ages 8 through 13)


This is an awesome class for developing your childs confidence, strength, and agility.  They will learn and develop skills such as footwork, hand and eye co-ordination, speed, power,  and Fitness.  They will use their hands, feet, elbows, and knees in order to protect themself with confidence.


(Ages 7 - 13)


These classes are a step towards our adult Classes for the teenager looking to learn and practice Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai!  For those who are ready physically and mentally to move forward this is a great class to consider. These are meant to be challenging, informative, and fun!


(AGES 12+)

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